Learning to Swim in a Sea of Technology: Preparing the Next Generation for a Digital Future – Drake Pearson

Hybrid Meeting – April 20, 2023

Drake Pearson is the founder and CEO of Advance Education, an Orlando-based company with a vision to create the next generation of geniuses who will solve some of the world’s biggest problems, such as education and world hunger.

Drake has always been passionate about education and helping children thrive. Prior to starting Advance Education, he worked with hundreds of students from around the United States and abroad, teaching them about this amazing country and supporting them to be prepared for their future. 

Since founding Advance Education, Drake has become known for his innovative approach to early childhood education, which focuses on supporting young parents and families to create genius children. His team has supported families to get their kids reading at advanced levels before most people would expect it, as well as fostering better parent-child relationships and supporting parents to create the best environments for their children to reach their full potential.

Drake’s commitment to advancing education and creating positive change has been recognized through the success of Advance Education and its impactful work in the community. He is passionate about creating a better future for children and families and believes that education is the key to unlocking the world’s potential.