Z Sphere – The Future of Construction in an Age of Energy Scarcity and a Changing Climate – David Atkinson

Hybrid Meeting – April 6, 2023

David is a 30+ year seasoned entrepreneur, multi-decade small family business owner/operator in its 49th year of business, Founder and CEO of Z Sphere, Inc.

His experience ranges from 20+ years of leadership experience in marine operations on the Great Lakes to 25+ years of engineering, design, and architecture of enterprise information technology systems at many of the world’s largest corporations. This combined global experience provided David with the foundation of knowledge to understand our highly complex power grids, water purification plants, waste treatment plants, communication networks, and much more.

Z Sphere was created to bring insurability and investment protection to real estate and critical infrastructure in disaster-prone and remote locations – re-inventing how we deal with natural disasters and the failure of essential services like power, water, and communications when they’re needed most.