Airspace, a Chicken Farm, and Age of Novel Aviation Technologies – Trevor Simoneau

Hybrid Meeting – July 13, 2023

Trevor is an undergraduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach campus pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation Law. He is currently a research assistant to Dr. Tyler Spence and Dr. Ryan Wallace in the Department of Aeronautical Science. His research activities focus on
aviation law and policy topics, including the intersection between aviation safety and the law, the evolution of domestic civil aviation policy, and international aerospace relations and politics. Outside the world of academia, Trevor is a private pilot and is also the founder of an aeronautical chart apparel and gift company called Chart it All. Trevor started the company when he was 11 years old to fund flight training and, ultimately, college tuition. Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chart it All donated more than $45,000 worth of customized aeronautical chart face masks to first responders and essential workers in the Central Florida community.