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June 20, Greg Bond Scales Mt. Kilimanjaro

Updated: Jun 22

I made it to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro but I had a problem about halfway up.

I used an electric heated rain jacket as my 3rd layer and didn't realize the battery was somehow engaged as I was putting on my gear at midnight.

I plugged the battery into jacket incase I needed it but didn't intend to use unless I got really cold.

By the time I realized it was engaged my two under layers were wet and I was exhausted.

I took off the rain layer (electric jacket) and struggled the rest of the way up.I would not have made it if our guide had not recognized I was struggling and came to me to investigate what was wrong.

He made me take off my outer layer and helped me remove the rain layer. I didn't have any extra dry under layers so I climbed the rest of the way up in two wet under layers.We started the climb at 1:00 AM so we could summit by sunrise and get some good photos.

The combination of the lack of sleep, diarrhea, low oxygen levels and the stupidity of my electric jacket issues made it more physically challenging than I expected.

Tanzania is a beautiful country with wonderful people. 

Our head guide was amazing as well as the porters. Some of the porters carried 90 lbs on their backs over the loose rocks and I never saw one of them fall, truly amazing.I hope you get a chance to climb it one day.

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