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Mar. 16, 2023: The Verb Kind, Helping Kids In Jail – Haley Hunt

The Verb Kind, Helping Kids In Jail – Haley Hunt

Hybrid Meeting – March 16, 2023

Haley is the CEO of The VERB Kind, a nonprofit she founded, with the

mission to mentor and impact incarcerated youth across the US. She started in her hometown

of Orlando, Florida, and has now spread the mission across the state in 9 counties and one in

Alabama. With a team of over 400 volunteer mentors, her movement #ComeToJailWithMe has

taken the nation by storm and is impacting lives everywhere! 

She is the daughter of an Alabama National Champion, Haley was raised on college football and a deep faith. Her space in the music industry as an aspiring artist at a young age helped give her more insight into what “making it” in life actually means.

She spent the last 10 years helping develop and launch brands from food concepts and

fragrances to candles and apparel. 

She helped produce the HOA 2021 NFL Combine, and most recently launched the first annual

“Entrepreneur Showcase” at the NFL Hall of Fame, highlighting professional athletes and their

brands. She also was the director of content for Pylon sports and produced a YouTube series

called 7 Ships telling incredible comeback stories of athletes.

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