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October 28, 2021: Jeff Tressler: The Professional Human

The Professional Human – Jeff Tressler

Hybrid Meeting – October 28, 2021

Jeff Tressler is an “almost native” as his primary residence has been Central Florida since his family relocated here from Ohio in 1965. He studied Psychology at the University of Central Florida where he earned his Bachelors’s degree in 1980. He earned his Real Estate license in 1981 and subsequently obtained his Real Estate Broker’s license in 1988 which remains active today.

Jeff has spent the majority of his professional life in the commercial real estate industry, managing and leasing space for Landord’s before he crossed the road in 2004 and began to advocate for Tenants. He continues to provide commercial lease consulting services for his long-term clients and referrals.

Jeff perceives himself to be a born philosopher and has been fascinated by philosophical and spiritual studies since his early days in college. He turned his attention to writing inspirational stories for the layman and authored his first of nine books to date in 1999. His influences range from Dr. Suess to Abraham Maslow, His real muse, however, is the Ocean and the life that makes its home along the shoreline. He is completing a new book entitled FROM THE OCEAN TO THE MOON, The Poetry of the Space Coast, and is scheduling a roll-out of the book in August of 2021.

While Jeff is a non-fiction writer, he enjoys referring to himself as a Real Estate Novelist (a phrase he borrowed from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”) as the worlds of Real Estate and writing are both integral to his life.

Jeff was an athlete through his high school days; He still rides a skateboard, shoots baskets and occasionally dusts off his golf clubs for a day on the links.

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