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September 17th, 2020 Aubrey Jewett, PhD – Florida’s importance in presidential elections

Florida’s importance in presidential elections – Aubrey Jewett, PhD

Aubrey Jewett, PhD is an Associate Professor at the School of Politics, Security and International Affairs, University of Central Florida. He specializes in American National, State and Local Politics and Policy with an emphasis on Florida. He earned both his Masters in Political Science and his Doctorate from Florida State University.

His work experience outside academia includes being a Congressional Staffer to Congressman Tom Feeney in the nation’s Capital, working for the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee as an analyst and consultant.

He has written and published extensively a long list of both scholarly and other publications and he has also written highly esteemed presentations at political and social science conferences throughout the United States.

This he was a recipient of the Manning J. Dauer Award 2020 presented by the Florida Political Science Association for a sustained exemplary record of research, teaching, mentoring and service related to Florida politics and policy and supportive involvement with the Florida Political Science Association.

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