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 It's Killing More People Than Guns and Car Crashes Combined

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It's All Free When You Enroll In A 45 Minute Training Session

(Anyone 15 Years Old Or Older Is Eligible)

Learn How You Can Arrange A Free Training Session And Receive Free Fentanyl Antidote

U.S. Attorney Provides These Facts

  • 2,000+ people in Orlando District (18 counties) died from fentanyl in 2010

  • 38% death toll increase between 2010 to 2012

  • 4,800% death increase in 2022

  • Orange County among top counties experiencing fentanyl deaths in 2022

  • Approx. 196 people in the U.S. die each day from fentanyl Enough fentanyl seized to kill 13 million people in Orlando District five times over

Our Community Partners

Their Mission & Services

Project Opioid Central Florida is a public-private-nonprofit partnership formed in 2019 to save lives through a collaborative community model that includes Central Florida’s faith, philanthropy, business, criminal justice, healthcare, schools, and law enforcement/EMS providers. Project Opioid is committed to the widespread distribution of free Narcan, as well as launching the Recovery Ready Workforce initiative.

The Orange County Drug Free Coalition is working to impact the overdose epidemic through a variety of tactics for at-risk and/or vulnerable individuals. As part of its integrated community health strategies, Orange County Government supports prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts, including access to free Naloxone and Kloxxado, and other harm reduction initiatives.

Learn How You Can Arrange A Free Training Session

And Free Fentanyl Antidote

Free When You Enroll In A 45 Minute Training Session
(Anyone 15 Years Old Or Older Is Eligible)

Goal:  To help patients access evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders with a focus on low-threshold access to medicated assisted treatment and harm reduction by fostering a paradigm shift where the stigma of opioid use disorder is reduced and medical professionals within the hospital setting are at the front line of medicated assisted treatment (MAT).

What we Do:

  • Identify patients most appropriate for treatment by a brief initial assessment. 

  • Introduce appropriate patients to MAT programs and services. 

  • Following initiation of treatment, the team facilitates appointments at one of the below outpatient MAT clinics and serve as a resource, coach and advocate for such patients. 

  • Works to reduce patient barriers by assisting with access to other services, such as mental health services, primary care, social services, and placement in residential treatment facilities if appropriate.


Our mission is to advance initiatives against the drug epidemic, seek policy changes, develop programs and projects—or support those created by other credible organizations—that prevent substance use disorder, address the intersection between mental health and drug abuse, and save lives from overdose. 

Pillar 1 Drug Education and Outreach

Bringing drug awareness and prevention education to students, parents, educators and communities nationwide.

Pillar 2 Naloxone Awareness and Access

Campaigning to raise awareness and ensure access to lifesaving naloxone—a powerful antidote to an opioid overdose, through the Get. Give. Save Movement – Get Naloxone. Give Naloxone. Save a Life Today

Pillar 3 Drug Policy Support

Informing national, state and local policymakers on the ever-changing landscape of the drug epidemic and the drug policy needed to save lives.

Pillar 4 Influence Behavior Through Victoria’s Voice

We create novel resources to educate, inspire change and give hope to families affected by the drug crisis in our country.​

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