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Our 2023-2024 Accomplishments

Through collaboration between our Foundation and club, we endeavor to raise funds to bolster the club's charitable initiatives and our own endeavors. Below is a recap of activities which represent almost $100,000 in financial contributions.

  • Four grants to community organizations

  • Ten full tuition scholarships to Valencia State College. (Scholarship applications details can be found here.)

  • Scholarships for five students to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

  • Support of a college Rotaract Club at Barry School of Law

  • Support of an Interact Club at Boone High

  • Sponsored Book Fairs at six Title one elementary schools Supported Food Pantries at the six Title One schools


Finally, a major donation To The Salvation Army made possible the purchase of a shower/restroom trailer for disaster and emergency relief efforts.

Our Major Fund Raisers

orlando ride for charity logo
tee off for charity



President Sandra Woodall 

President-Elect David Rose 

Secretary Theodora Venema


Susan Gardner 23-25 

Ron Tyo 23-25 

Jerry Gay 24-26

Stewart Marshall 24-26

Ex Officer Directors

RCO President Dan Bone 

RCO President-elect Chris Wallace 

RCO Past President Chris Whitney 

RCO Treasurer Jason Frazier

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