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July 18, 2024 – Ayman Shamaa: Entrepreneurship Disguised as Personal Development

Entrepreneurship Disguised as Personal Development - Ayman Shamaa

Hybrid Meeting – July 18, 2024

Ayman Shamaa is the Principal and Founder of Shamaa Consulting Group, based in Orlando, Florida. He is a leader in his community and has held board seats in SCORE, Toastmasters, Young Entrepreneur Council, and the Business Incubation Program at the University of Central Florida as an expert in Business Development.

Having started three businesses by the age of 21, Ayman has learned financial business cycles, client relations, and the struggles of an aspiring entrepreneur firsthand. “This has given me the insight to develop a projective overview to correctly advise the business interests of our clients.”

He has over 12 years of industry and business consulting experience across Spain, Germany, Austria, the UK, Egypt, the Philippines, and the USA. During his career, Ayman has helped several firms develop their growth and turnaround strategies, as well as design and implement the capabilities and operating models necessary to achieve them. He has worked closely with large enterprise firms, service centers, small business owners, doctor-owned practices, private financial advisory firms on a wide range of topics, including growth strategy, M&A, multi-year transformations, and product to services and solutions transitions.

He previously served as SBDO in charge of a regional division for Registered Independent Advisors at Charles Schwab.  He has also held various sales, service, and operational roles in the finance and business development industry. His experience in finance, combined with his past experience across the business development industry, brings an owner and business operator mindset to his strategy consulting work.

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