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April 11, 2024: Escaping The Hands Of The Holocaust Butchers With Member Mary Crimmis

Updated: Apr 24

Escaping The Hands Of The Holocaust Butchers

Hybrid Meeting –April 11, 2024

Mary Boza Crimmins is the author of Taking the Holy Spirit to Work: Encouraging and Empowering Christians in the Workplace. She also owns Crimmins Communications LLC, where she offers content and ghostwriting, developmental editing, research, online course creation, and writing/book coaching.

With her presentation on the Armenian Genocide, Mary is stepping back into her teacher role to shed light on this dark chapter of history. She will delve into the precursors, results, and personal accounts of perseverance surrounding the twentieth century’s first genocide. 

She holds a B.S. in Liberal Studies with a minor in Business Administration from U.C.F. and a master’s in Education from Rollins College. 

Mary is also a Christ-follower who writes a weekly short blog–Moving Toward 100%. It’s based on the premise that Christians tend to include only part of God in their daily lives, but together, we can move toward 100%. She and her husband, Pete, have been married for forty-two years. Both were Air Force brats who moved to Orlando after their fathers retired. They have two sons. Peter Jr. is a naval officer and a United States Naval Academy graduate. Her youngest son Matthew is a CPA with an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and a master’s from U.N.C. Chapel Hill. He and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Mahler Crimmins. 

In addition to helping others reach their goals, Mary enjoys traveling, hiking to waterfalls, reading, and walking her two American foxhounds. Her interest in cultures and adventure has led her to Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania, Italy, and Ireland. However, her travels have recently been closer to home, as one son lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and the other in Durham, North Carolina. 

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