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April 14, 2022: Drew Hultgren: Wycliffe at 80 Years… with a Focus on Russia

Wycliffe at 80 years . . . with a focus on Russia – Drew Hultgren

Hybrid Meeting – Apr 14, 2022

Drew Hultgren has been a Rotarian for about 24 years. Prior to joining the Rotary Club of Orlando, he was a member of the Rotary Club of St. Cloud (Minnesota), a club with nearly 150 members. He is a Past President, multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Chairman of International Service, and a member of the District 5950 Global Grants Committee. His Rotary highlights include attending the International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand in 2012, and traveling to the Dominican Republic on 8 different global grant service project trips with his fellow Rotarians.

Drew has been an attorney for 32 years, including 4 years as an Army JAG attorney. He was the senior partner of a law firm in central Minnesota until 2019, when he gave that up to become a missionary. He is now Senior Legal Counsel for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando.

Drew is also the Field Coordinator for all of Wycliffe’s Bible translation projects in Russia and Eastern Europe. In this role, he writes grant proposals, manages budgets, and overseas the progress on several minority language Bible translation projects in multiple countries. He also travels to these countries regularly, pandemic restrictions permitting.

Drew has been married to his wife, Karla, for 32 years. They have 3 adult children, a son who is an Army Captain in Hawaii, a daughter who is a registered nurse in Ohio, and another son who is in college in Minnesota.

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