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June 6, 2024: Common Sense In Japan – Danyell Davis

Common Sense In Japan- Danyell Davis

Hybrid Meeting – June 6, 2024

Danyell Davis, a distinguished linguist and cultural expert, rose to prominence for her pivotal role on Florida's historic Trade and Economic Development Mission to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea in 1997. Fluent in Japanese and with a rich background in East Asian customs, she accompanied Former Governor Lawton Chiles on his diplomatic tour in Tokyo, showcasing her expertise honed through years of living, working, and studying in Japan. Known as Sensei Danyell to her Orange County students, she is a sought-after speaker on cross-cultural communication and business practices in Japan, offering invaluable insights on sealing deals, delivering impactful presentations, and navigating the nuances of Japanese business etiquette. 

A master of language and culture, Danyell Davis delivers engaging and insightful talks drawing on her academic rigor and practical experience in East Asian studies and international business. As a dynamic speaker, she shares expertise on navigating Japanese business etiquette, avoiding cultural pitfalls, and fostering successful relationships in global settings. With a reputation for captivating audiences and offering valuable insights, Danyell provides essential guidance for individuals aiming to excel in diverse and international business environments.

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