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Mar. 3, 2022: John Boelke: Space And The Law.

Mar. 3, 2022: John Boelke: Space And The Law.

Hybrid Meeting March 3, 2022

John Boelke is a native Texan relocated to Wisconsin before entering the Army at age 17. Upon return from overseas he attended the University of Wisconsin under the GI Bill which allowed him 36 months to accomplish his degree. After several managerial jobs he moved to Florida where he spent 26 years at Kennedy Space Center as Project Manager then Procurement Manager before attending Barry Law school. He has been Corporate Counsel and Vice President of Contracts while teaching at FIT. Last year he became Adjunct Professor at Barry teaching courses on legal research and writing and Space Treaties at his alma mater. In addition to his law degree, he has a Masters in Aviation Management and is a licensed gunsmith.  His wife works for NASA they live in Mims with two horses, two dogs, and two cats.

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