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May 25, 2023: Giving People a Second Chance – Robin Cowie

Giving People a Second Chance – Robin Cowie

Hybrid Meeting – May 25, 2023

Robin Cowie is the President of Promising People, a company dedicated to training and educating individuals through virtual reality. His company is actively involved in reforming prison education and reducing recidivism, significantly impacting the criminal justice system.

Robin Cowie is also a successful film producer, technologist, and entrepreneur. He gained prominence with the groundbreaking horror film “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999, which was produced using a unique approach to storytelling. Despite its low budget of $180,000, the movie earned over $500 million worldwide and became one of the most profitable films ever made.  Following this success, Cowie produced nine films, three TV series, and three independent video games. Later, he served as the Creative Director for the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando before joining Electronic Arts (EA) as the head of narrative for the Madden Football franchise.  There he produced the 3 highest-grossing Madden games in franchise history.

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