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May 4, 2023: Rotary Youth Exchange Student Shares His Parting Thoughts – Lucas Seleti

Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Brazil – Lucas Seleti

Hybrid Meeting – May 4, 2023

Lucas Seleti, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Brazil, shares his parting thoughts. He is so glad for being selected for this program and is really enjoyed his stay here. He is from Cornélio Procópio, south Brazil, district 4710. Before joining the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, he studied in a military high school in Brazil. His Rotary journey started when he was a baby, always attending meetings with his grandpa and his father and helping with projects. In 2020, he joined Interact. After his family hosted some exchange students when he was younger, he started dreaming of being an exchange student, especially in the US. He says his dream came true! He had a wonderful year and is thankful for the support from the Rotary Club of Orlando!

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