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November 30, 2023: Cybersecurity – Keith Coker

Cybersecurity – Keith Coker

Hybrid Meeting – November 30, 2023

Keith co-founded OrlanTech in 1995 and has grown it to be Central Florida’s largest Managed IT Service Provider. OrlanTech partners with small and medium-sized businesses that share their concern and commitment for IT and security.  Keith routinely gives cybersecurity workshops to a variety of companies and organizations to educate them and their staff on the costly mistakes made as a result of cybercrime.  Fundamentally, we are living in a far more technologically advanced world, and cybersecurity is something nobody can afford to ignore.

Key Takeaways

  1. What is the Dark Web

  2. Artificial Intelligence Threats

  3. Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

  4. Advanced Email Phishing Vulnerabilities

  5. Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

  6. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Issues for Businesses

  7. Latest Hacker Tools

  8. Mobile Device Threats

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