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October 19, 2023: Clean the World Foundation – Laurette Sirkin and Oscar Gonzalez

Clean the World Foundation – Laurette Sirkin and Oscar Gonzalez

Hybrid Meeting – October 19, 2023

Laurette Sirkin brings more than 20 years of fundraising experience in donor relations, special events, relationship building, and volunteer management to Clean the World Foundation (CTWF). Prior to joining CTWF, Laurette held a variety of roles in organizations that focused on care for refugees, strengthening communities, social justice, disaster relief/response, children and families, and human services. She also spent time in the corporate world working in customer success, project management, business development, and the leadership teams of a SAAS-based software company as well as a lifestyle media company. A dedicated advocate for social good, she learned early on from her grandparents the value of giving back to the community around you.

Laurette is a seasoned professional, skilled leader, and passionate fundraiser who is dedicated to lifelong learning. She has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Georgia State University, and an MBA from American Intercontinental University, as well as post-graduate certificates in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Women in Leadership, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Management.

Laurette lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, three children, and her dog Bailey.

Oscar Gonzalez was one of the first people that Clean the World CEO and Founder, Shawn Seipler, called over 13 years ago to share his idea about recycling the soap that hotels discarded.

Rather than tell his nephew, Shawn, that his idea would not work, Oscar went all in and helped Shawn build Clean the World from the ground up. Since his first day back in the garage recycling soap over 13 years ago, Oscar has held every position imaginable at Clean the World, from Account Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Operations Manager of the Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program, to the current Brand Ambassador.

Oscar joins us today to help share the story about how one man’s idea to recycle soap and put it into the hands that needed it changed the world we live in today.

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